New Signage Design Connecting People & Spaces - Wang Shaoqiang

New Signage Design Connecting People & Spaces

Wang Shaoqiang

ISBN: 9788416851782
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 2019


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$9.00 postage

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This book is a selection of projects from across the world in which the graphic signage system stands out not only for its meticulous form but its unmistakable illustrative function.

Public spaces where a large number of people need to find their way such as auditoriums, airports, museums, hotels, shopping centers and offices require a good orientation system to handle and facilitate the circulation of these people, in addition to ensuring easy accessibility. Signage must achieve this objective to ensure the result is effective, intelligible to everyone and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Matters such as scale, volume, position, colours and materials used to build the signage will be determined by the type of equipment or office while graphic communication elements will reflect and be adapted to the client's identity.

Symbols, fonts, pictograms, arrows, optical effects and other resources are used here in a multitude of surprising, suggestive and varied ways that will not fail to grab readers' attention, presenting them with an extensive range of ideas in which to find inspiration.

Book Features:

  • A collection of orientation systems that make use of graphic symbols to great aesthetic and practical effect.
  • Solving wayfinding and sign design problems while creating brand expressions in the built environment requires an approach that is very methodical and painstaking.
  • A book intended specifically for visual and graphic communication students and professionals interested in delving into signage systems.
  • A successful signage system means ensuring that orientation and information design is mainly noticed subconsciously – giving people a sense of security that they are heading in the right direction.

Fully illustrated throughout 

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