The Best of LensCulture Volume 2 - Lens Culture

The Best of LensCulture Volume 2

Lens Culture

ISBN: 9789053309025
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 2018


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Fresh, inspiring, insightful, thought-provoking: here is an overview and introduction to 162 of the most exciting contemporary photographers from cultures around the world.

Since 2004, LensCulture has sought to discover the most interesting photographers working worldwide. Our editorial team scours the globe-attending festivals, portfolio reviews, exhibitions and graduation shows-in search of new and developing talents. And each year, we host four to six annual photography awards (published in 14 major languages) to extend our reach even further.

Using the power of the internet, social media, and tapping into photography networks worldwide, we are committed to finding and rewarding the most deserving photographers, no matter where they are. And we want to share our discoveries with photography lovers everywhere.

The work in this book represents the best of four international awards. The LensCulture Exposure Awards, our longest-running awards, are dedicated to discovering the freshest and most exciting photography work being created today, without limitations of genre, style or subject matter-these awards highlight the many ways the visual language of photography can be used to tell compelling stories, express emotions, explain complex situations, reveal injustices, share the wonders of nature or celebrate beauty.

The Portrait Awards seek to explore the possibilities of 21st century portraiture. In this age of endless selfies and oversharing of mundane moments, what gives a portrait authenticity?

The Street Photography Awards look for new approaches to capturing the drama, interactions and juxtapositions that occur on the world's busy streets today, from the dense urban culture and clashing fashions of megacities to daily life in remote towns and villages.

And finally, the Emerging Talent Awards celebrate exceptional photographers who are not yet known on the world stage. They are selected for their abilities to use photography in profound ways. These awards are granted without regard to the age of the photographers or how long they've been practicing photography-they have earned their time to shine. 

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