The Last Elephants - Colin Bell et al

The Last Elephants

Colin Bell et al

ISBN: 9781743795514
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: 2019
Number Of Pages: 448 Pages

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$9.00 postage

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The Africa-wide Great Elephant Census of 2016 produced shocking findings: a decimated elephant population whose numbers were continuing to plummet. Elephants are killed, on average, every 15–20 minutes – a situation that will see the final demise of these intelligent, extraordinary animals in less than three decades. They are a species in crisis.

This magnificent book offers chapters written by the most prominent people in the realm of conservation and wildlife, among them researchers, conservationists, filmmakers, criminologists, TV personalities and journalists.

Photographs have been selected from among the world’s best wildlife photographers, and the passionate Foreword is provided by Prince William.

This book has been created to make the world aware of the devastating loss of elephant lives in Africa and stem the tide of poaching and hunting. It is hoped that all loopholes in the ivory trade will be closed and that all countries receiving and using ivory (both legal and poached) will ban its trade – and actively pursue those involved in driving the cruel poaching tsunami.

This book is also a tribute to those who work for the welfare of elephants, particularly those who risk their lives for wildlife each day, often for little or no pay – including the field rangers and the anti-poaching teams; and to the many communities around Africa that have elected to work with elephants and not against them.

The Last Elephants – is the title prophetic? We hope not.

About the Authors

Colin Bell has worked throughout Africa. He has been at the receiving end of angry, stressed, harassed elephants and witnessed calm, relaxed elephants during their golden glory years when poaching levels were minimal. Today Colin is a part-owner of Natural Selection Travel.

Dr Don Pinnock is a historian, criminologist and environmental journalist and photographer, and has served as editor of the travel magazine Getaway. He has explored much of Africa with his camera and pen, meeting extraordinary people and writing what often turned out to be prize-winning features. Along the way he fell in love with elephants. Author of 17 books, he has won two Mondi Awards for his environmental columns, the City Press Non-Fiction Award for his book Gang Town; and his novel on Khoisan magic, Rainmaker, was shortlisted for the European Union Literary Award

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